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New Plan for Lawbreaking Teenage Drinkers in Victoria

Victorian teenagers who break the law and engage in risky behaviour may be forced to undergo mandatory residential drug and alcohol treatment by the Children’s Court, should a proposed plan by Matthew Guy’s Opposition Coalition come into effect. It is

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Coke is Launching First Alcoholic Drink in Japan

While Coca-Cola may be the most well known soft-drink brand in the world, the giant is trying it’s hand at the alcoholic beverage industry for the first time. The famous soft-drink producer is launching Chu-Hi, an alcoholic drink made with

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What to Drink if You Don’t Want to Destroy Your Diet

Have you ever wondered why all the major weight loss programs shun alcoholic drinks, even the light ones? According to Dr Xand van Tulleken and Dr Vinood Patel in an episode of The Diet Testers which aired on SBS recently,

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Tequila Could Help You Battle the Bulge

Agave lovers have even more reason to knock back a few of their favourite tipple following the release of a new study which has found a link between tequila and weight loss. The study by the American Chemical Society researched

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What to Drink if You’re Trying to Lose Weight

If you’re trying to lose weight you don’t just want to pay attention to what you eat, you also need to be particular about what you drink. Here are some healthy drinking options that are low in calories, sugar and

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More Reason to Drink in Moderation

Even more evidence has emerged about how too much alcohol can lead to cancer, proving once more that alcohol should always be consumed in moderation. According to the latest study, alcohol can cause irreversible genetic damage to the body’s reserve

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White Spirits and Ciders Grow in Popularity Amongst Australian Drinkers

Roy Morgan has revealed which trends Australia’s legal age drinkers adopted in 2017 and according to research Australians are increasingly opting for cider, liqueur and white spirits. Data reveals an overall decrease in Australians drinking wine and beer and an

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Price Hike of Alcohol in The NT

Cheap alcohol in the Northern Territory may soon be a thing of the past as it is set to become the first place to set a minimum price for alcohol in Australia. Wine is cheaper than water in the Top

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Stabbing Incident Caused by Alcohol

The ugly side of alcohol that comes when it is abused was revealed in a gruesome incident in the community of Kalano, near Katherine in Darwin recently. A 25 year old man died after being involved in a fight with

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Police Want St Kilda Foreshore Ban

Police are pushing for a alcohol ban along St Kilda foreshore permanently in order to end the anti-social behaviour in the area.   The call from police and local businesses came after a wild Christmas party left the area completely

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