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Warning to Parents Not to Supply Teens with Alcohol

According to experts, parents buying their teenagers alcohol aren’t helping them drink in moderation. Although some parents think by supplying alcohol to their underage kids they are allowing them to drink in a safe environment, research shows it may actually

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Should The Legal Drinking Age Be 21?

The Royal Australasian College of Physicians have called for the Northern Territory government to raise the legal drinking age to 21. Currently you must be 18 or over to legally drink but the NT has the highest risk of alcohol

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Seven More Venues Have Sydney Lockout Laws Relaxed

The NSW Government has relaxed lockout laws for an additional 7 venues, bringing the number of venues with relaxed lockout laws to 20. The venues added will now be able to trade until 3:30am instead of 3:00am. They have also

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Paramedics Say Girls Out-drinking Boys

According to information from paramedics and health researchers, an alarming number of under-age teenage girls in Perth are engaging in binge drinking to the extent that they require urgent medical attention. St John Ambulance WA has for the first time

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Is it Possible to Drink Less but Enjoy it More?

Although many people may be giving up alcohol for Dry July or trying to have more dry days in their week, neuropsychologist Dr Nicola Gates, a researcher with the University of NSW and author of A Brain for Life, says

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Study Investigates Why Young People are Drinking Less

A fascinating new study looks into why teenagers are drinking less alcohol, as data from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare proves. The data shows that teenagers are generally drinking less and delaying their initiation to alcohol. Researcher and

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Try Red Wine Popsicles

Red wine is on the top of most drinkers’ shopping lists and is one of the most consumed alcoholic beverages in Australia, so it’s safe to say we love our red wine. So what could be better than combining 2

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Study Says Australian Women Outdrink Their Daughters

According to the National Drug Strategy Household Survey, Australian women have overtaken their daughters when it comes to risky drinking. It appears that women in their fifties are for the first time exceeding the lifetime risk guidelines for alcohol consumption

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Concerns About an Increase in Alcohol Related Violence

There have been concerns raised about the increase in alcohol related assaults in NSW. The number of alcohol assaults rose statewide with Newcastle and Lake Macquarie a particularly alarming source of concern. Critics have blamed the “watering down” of licensing

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New Programs Halve the Rate of Binge Drinking in Teenagers

Researchers have found that they can predict the personality traits of teenagers at high risk of becoming binge drinkers with 90 per cent accuracy. Studies found that impulsiveness, sensitivity  to anxiety and sensation and hopelessness are the traits in teenagers

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