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NSW Licensed Venues Part of Betiquette Campaign

  NSW licensed venues will be participating in the Betiquette campaign launched recently by NSW Minister for Racing Paul Toole. The idea of the campaign is to promote responsible betting among males between 18 and 35, a group at a

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Teen Death Prompts Alcohol Education for WA High Schools

Following the death of a teenager at her 18th birthday from alcohol intoxication, a coroner has recommended every secondary school pupil in WA be educated on the physical affects of alcohol on young bodies. The 18 year old died at

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Ice is Best for Whiskey

A recent study published in the journal Scientific Reports, and posted on claims that a small amount of water, for example from ice, can actually make your whiskey taste better. This is contrary to the widely held belief that

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Do Drinkers Live Longer Without Dementia

Good news for drinkers, if you drink 3 drinks a day maximum, you could be warding off dementia and other cognitive impairments. According to a University of California 30 year study, people over 65 that drink can enjoy a healthier

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Probiotic Beer to Improve Gut Health and Boost Immune System

Alcine Chan, a Singaporean researcher has developed a beer containing probiotic bacteria that can improve gut health and boost the immune system, as if we needed any more of a reason to love beer. Chan worked on the recipe for

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Melbourne Bar Named Best Internationally

An Australian bar, Melbourne’s Black Pearl has won big at the 2017 Spirited Awards, held in New Orleans recently. The Black Pearl won the Best International Cocktail Bar award, just ahead of its 15th birthday next month. The bar also

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A Guide to Australian Drinking Language

Ask someone from another part of the world if they understand everything we say and they’ll probably tell you there’s sometimes they don’t understand a word. That’s because we’ve developed our own language to uniquely describe the world around us

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Is Alcohol Making You Age?

There’s some bad news for those of you who drink heavily, scientists have found that the more people drink, the more their cells age. Not only is this bad news for the way you look, it could also explain why

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Teen Dead after Birthday Drinking Game

An inquest into the death of teenager Nicole Emily Bicknell, has revealed that she had a blood alcohol reading of 0.319 per cent when she died. The teen had just turned 18 and was celebrating by drinking with her friends

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Pregnancy Drinking Linked to Youth Deaths

WA’s Kimberley region is battling with the scourge of alcohol abuse, and that includes among pregnant women. Foetal alcohol spectrum disorder is a major problem in the area and has been linked to mental health problems and youth suicide. A

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