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Drinking Alcohol a Costly Practice in Australia

You may want to reconsider your smoking, drinking or drug taking habits, taking into consideration the latest Bloomberg Vice Index. The index was recently released and according to it, Australia is the third most expensive country to buy alcohol, cigarettes

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Licensee Seeks Permission to Serve Alcohol in Morning

A North Perth bar owner, who believes Australia needs to adopt a more European approach to drinking has applied for a licence to serve alcohol from 7am. He said the European drinking culture is better than the Australian culture which

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Strict Underage Alcohol Policing

Aldi and other bottle shops are taking their responsible service of alcohol very seriously. In fact if a minor so much as touches a bottle of alcohol, the adult accompanying them is denied alcohol sales. In some NSW South Coast

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Late Night Operators Say Queensland Laws Damaging

Late night operators in Queensland’s busiest party districts say business has fallen by 50 per cent since the inception of the legislation designed to curb alcohol-fuelled violence. The legislation came into effect 6 months ago. One bar manager said earnings

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Sydney Lockouts First Exemptions

The Sydney government has announced the first 3 venues that are exempted under the relaxation of the so-called lockout laws in Sydney’s CBD, they are the Arthouse Hotel, the Observer Hotel in the Rocks and The CBD’s Palace Hotel. These

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What You Should Know About Kombucha Before You Drink It

Kombucha lovers are popping up everywhere and many people are even beginning to brew their own at home. If you’re wondering why this drink is gaining in popularity in Australia and around the world, its most likely to do with

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Why Detoxes Don’t Work

Many people have given up alcohol and started detoxes and cleanses over the month of January and February, to start the year healthy. However we could have been misled when it comes to detoxes. According to practicing dieticians Alexandra Parker

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DrinkWise Has Big Plans for New Year

DrinkWise is one of the organisations working to improve the drinking culture in Australia and over the past 11 years, CEO John Scott says, the group have invested $30 million into this cause, something it will continue over the next

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Confidence in The Hospitality Sector Grows

Whether you work in the hospitality sector or own a business in hospitality, you’ll be happy to learn that confidence in the sector is up. According to Sensis Business Index, confidence in the hospitality sector is increasing and it is

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Alcohol Our Third Biggest Online Purchase

It appears that Australians’ love of online shopping has extended to alcohol, with alcohol sales coming in third place of all online purchases in the country. The revelation came after KPMG revealed a report into the online spending habits of

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