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Advice on Getting your Drinking Under Control

Do you want to get your drinking under control but don’t know where to begin, here is some advice. If you’re just cutting down, decide which days you will allow yourself a drink and which days you wont. Allow at

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Bars Unconventional Drink Driving Message

A bar in Toronto has taken a different approach to the drink driving message hoping it will have a massive impact. The whisky bar, The Emmet Ray introduced special coasters over the St Patrick’s Day weekend, made from the bodies

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Melbourne’s Top Rooftop Bars

Whether you’re a resident of Melbourne or just visiting, you’ll want to spend your happy hour at one of these cool rooftop bars, rated the best in Melbourne. With amazing cocktails and atmosphere with sunshine to boot, make sure you

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Alcoholic Pizza Taste Test

It seems you can get an alcoholic version of just about anything these days but that doesn’t mean it tastes good. Here we watch as people taste test alcoholic pizza for the first time. Let’s see what happens?

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Alcohol Thought to Have Played a Part in Lake Drownings

A tragic tale of alcohol and swimming has reminded us of the dangers of the practice. Two men recently drowned, it is believed they were trying to swim across a lake in Melbourne’s north after consuming alcohol. The lake is

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Abusive Parents May Be Forced into Drug and Alcohol Tests

The South Australian Government has agreed to amendments of the child protection legislation which would allow the state’s child protection boss to compel abusive or neglectful parents to undergo drug and alcohol testing if it is feared the child may

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WA Government Consider Removing Top Cops Liquor Licence Powers

The WA State Government is considering implementing laws that could result in the stopping of the police commissioner’s power to challenge liquor licence applications if they are deemed to be at risk of contributing to crime and violence. Between 2011

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Hospital Records Reveal Worst Hit Canberra Alcohol Hotspots

A new trial by Calvary Hospital aimed at reducing alcohol -violence in the area, is recording Canberra’s alcohol hotspots and how much alcohol emergency patients are consuming. Calvary Hospital is recording the information as part of a 3 year program

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Expert Says Bottle Shop Hours Should be Reduced

Queensland public health policy experts Professor Wayne Hall and Dr Megan Weier from University of Queensland’s Centre for Youth Substance Abuse Research have called for bottle store hours to be reduced which they say could help curb alcohol fuelled harm. In an

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Broo Looking to Set Up Greenest Brewery in The World in Ballarat

Broo Limited has announced plans to establish the world’s greenest brewery, working with environmental scientists to establish the $100m brewery at Ballarat, expected to begin construction in February 2018. The brewer said they will provide employment for up to 100

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