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Does The Smell of a Man Make a Woman Drink? Maybe.

A study by the University of South Florida’s Department of Psychology revealed that the scent of a man can make a woman drink alcohol than usual. A previous study shows that the scent emitted by women at the fertile phase

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We May Quit Alcohol in a Generation

A new hangover free synthetic alcohol may be the alcohol of the future according to researchers who say we could give up alcohol within a generation. Professor David Nutt, a former government drugs advisor who teaches at Imperial College in

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Don’t Let Your Pet Drink Alcohol

While you may feel like your pets need to join in the celebration and have a drink or two, this is extremely dangerous and could lead to alcohol poisoning and even death for the animal. While Christmas parties may be

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We Could See a Rise in Beer Price Thanks to Tax Hikes

Radical tax hikes have been proposed to the Turnbull government that would see excise on all alcohol rising by 10 per cent. Cheap chooners and pints at the local wateringhole would be a thing of the past under the proposed

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Can You Be Allergic to Alcohol?

Do you think you may be allergic to alcohol? Research shows that many people may actually be mistaking their allergic reactions to alcohol as a hangover, because symptoms are similar. Nausea, breathing problems and hives are symptoms of an allergic

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The Best Cocktail for Your Star Sign

Do you believe your star sign has an impact on your personality and preferences? Then you’ll love this post on which matches your personality to your most compatible cocktail. Aquarius – Rose margarita Aries – Mulled wine Virgo –

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Woman Who Tried to Kill Bed Bugs with Alcohol Burnt Down Homes

A woman in the USA almost killed 3 people after accidentally starting a fire inside a multi-family building while trying to kill bed bugs with alcohol. The 3 people were hospitalised after the fire broke out late Friday in a

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One Australian Wine in World’s Top 10

The list of the top 10 wines in the world has been released and an Australian wine has made the list. The French wine Castel Freres has made the top of the list for the second year in a row.

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Will Giving Your Kids Alcohol Help Them be Responsible Drinkers?

Do kids who get alcohol from their parents become more responsible drinkers? The research proves that they do not and in fact parents could be helping them drink more dangerously and heavier. According to a study by researchers at Curtin

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Push for Warning labels on Alcohol for Pregnant Women

Currently Australia’s policy on warning labels regarding drinking during pregnancy is voluntary, but there has been a call to make pregnancy drinking health warnings mandatory. The ACT and its minister for Health and Wellbeing Meegan Fitzharris are leading the call

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