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Vic Liquor Act Changes to Tackle Underage Drinking

The Victorian Government is attempting to close a loophole that allows underage patrons to drink on licensed premises if their parents give them permission. As part of the Liquor and Gambling Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, the state government’s aim is

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Police Catch Driver Seven Times Over Alcohol Limit

A motorist in WA in the town of Katanning has been charged by police after blowing nearly 7 times over the legal blood alcohol limit. Officers in the town which is about 277km south-east of Perth posted a picture on

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New Sunshine Coast Program Tackles Alcohol at Grass Roots Level

A program has been launched on the Sunshine Coast to tackle alcohol and drug harm at grass roots level. The Federal Government and the Alcohol and Drug Foundation have announced a Local Drug Action Team which will operate in the

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2018’s Best Vodka Made in Tasmania Distillery

Hartshorn Distillery’s vodka was the recent winner of the Best Vodka awards and for good reason. A recent article highlighted the brands artisan history and the fact that it’s made in a limited volume in southern Tasmania by Ryan Hartshorn.

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Study Claims Drinking Alcohol While Pregnant Could Harm Baby More Than Marijuana

The latest statistics from ACT Health revealed that one baby is born addicted to drugs, tobacco or alcohol every fortnight in Canberra. An expert in pediatrics at the Royal Australasian College of Physicians reveals pregnant women who drink alcohol as

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Alcohol May be Causing You to Gain Weight

If you’ve been experiencing some weight gain recently, it may have more to do what you’re drinking than what you’re eating. Have you considered the amount of calories in the drinks you’re consuming? According to an article on if

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Consumers Prefer Low Strength Alcohol

We may actually be changing the way we view alcohol depending on the label, a study suggests. According to the study drinks labelled as lower strength encourage people to drink more. In the UK where excessive drinking is a major

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Paramedics Fearful as Alcohol and Drug Fuelled Violence increases

One of the negative impacts of alcohol abuse on Australia is the risk that our paramedics are being placed in by attending to scenes where people are affected by drugs and alcohol. New South Wales paramedics have admitted to being

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Experts Want Review of Alcohol Guidelines

Drug and alcohol experts from the University of Queensland, have recommended that thresholds for safer alcohol use might need to be lowered, following a study on global alcohol consumption. The experts, professors Wayne Hall and Jason Connor from the Centre

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Tasmania Bans Alcohol Service for Pokies Players

The Hospitality Association has labelled new restrictions on gamblers being served alcohol while at poker machines in Tasmania as restrictive and harsh. The new restrictions came into effect on May 1. Patrons will no longer be served alcohol when playing,

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