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Do Mosquitoes Feel The Effects of Alcohol?

A useless bit of information but fun to know none-the-less is whether mosquitoes that bite you when you’re drinking alcohol will get drunk? Something you may not have known is that the likelihood of being bitten by a mosquito is

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Teens Using Drugs and Alcohol to Cope with Bullying

Bullied teenagers and young adults are using alcohol and drugs to handle bullying. Data from 2018 has shown that 380,000 people aged between 14 and 25 experienced cyber bullying. New researcher has prompted renewed calls for bullying to be recognised

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Australian Working Mums Asking for Help Cutting Down on Alcohol

Although we often associate drinking problems with men, health experts say more Australian women are turning to the bottle to cope with the stresses of daily life. The gap between how much alcohol men drink versus women is narrowing and

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How Drinking on a Flight Can Affect Your Body

Many people rely on alcohol to help them cope with the stress of air travel however alcohol actually has a negative effect on your body when you fly. Some of the effects include: Dizziness and tiredness – Due to the

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Why Yeast Can Impart 500 Flavours to Beer

Yeast is a crucial part of the wine-making, baking and even beer-making process since ancient times. Various strains of yeast have their own characteristics and impart varying flavours. According to Lisa White, co-owner of White Labs, yeast is a miraculous

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The Surprising Ways You Can Add Vodka to Your Beauty Routine

Rumour has it vodka was invented in 1503 by Kremlin monks who used it as a topical antiseptic and cure-all drink but nowadays it’s been banished to the liquor cabinet. Here are some surprising uses for vodka in your beauty

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Australians Drinking Less Alcohol- Roy Morgan Finds

According to Roy Morgan’s Alcohol Consumption Currency Report September 2018, the Australian population is drinking less. The report found that in a 4 week period 67,9% of the population 18 and over consumed at least 1 type of alcoholic drink.While

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Dads’ Heavy Drinking Could be Influencing Teenager Girls The Worst

Fathers, your drinking may be influencing your daughters. A study out of the Griffith Criminology Institute found that teenage girls are more likely to try alcohol by 14 or 15 if their dads are heavy drinkers. The study by Jacqueline

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Study Claims Binge Drinking Can Rewrite Your DNA

We’re constantly hearing about the effects of excessive drinking but for the first time we’re hearing that binge drinking can actually alter our DNA. According to researchers at Rutgers University, consistently binge drinking actually has genetic impact, worsening a drinker’s

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Licensee Who allowed Intoxication Fined $2500

A licensee in Wollongong learned the hard way about the importance of Responsible Service of Alcohol after allowing intoxication. The Hotel Illawarra licensee was fined $2500 after pleading guilty in court for allowing intoxication at the venue. The intoxication happened

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