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The Perfect Bar for Harry Potter Lovers

There’s a bar in New York City that’s a real hit with the Harry Potter fans serving magical concoctions. If you’re looking for some Halloween inspiration, look no further.

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Attention Beer Lovers, This Beer Won’t Get You Drunk

If you love the taste of beer but want to drink more responsibly, there’s a new product on the market that you may love- zero alcohol beer. Carlton and United Breweries (CUB) have introduced a non-alcohol beer aimed at drinkers

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Is it Safe to Indulge if You Don’t Eat Carbs?

Low-carb or no-carb diets are gaining popularity as more people try to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle but what about drinking on a low-carb diet? There are many alcohols themselves that are high in carbs, some even have

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Does Abstaining from Alcohol Have Health Benefits

A recent post on discussed the numerous charity initiatives prompting people to abstain from alcohol for the month of October for various causes in the UK and whether this was of any benefit to our health. Researchers found that

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How You Should Be Drinking Wine According to a Sommelier

Although wine is Australia’s second favourite tipple, after beer, it can be intimidating for some people because of all the “rules” that seem to surround it. Wine can be an investment, so knowing where to spend your money, what you

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Drink Alcohol in Moderation to Reduce Stroke Risk

Every nine minutes someone in Australia has a stroke, that’s 56,000 strokes in one year alone. In Queensland, more than 10,000 strokes occur a year and with the recent National Stroke Week (September 3-9), it’s something we need to be

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Drunk Walking May Be As Dangerous as Drunk Driving

Although we’re all aware of how dangerous and illegal driving under the influence of alcohol is, drink walking can be just as deadly. It’s so important that we organise safe transport home after a night out so we don’t place

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The Drink That May Be The Key to Preventing Hangovers

An invention by a scientist from Silicon Valley may be the hangover “cure” you’ve been waiting for. The scientist claims to have created the world’s first genetically engineered probiotic drink to prevent hangovers. Scientist Zack Abbott has modified bacteria found

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Could Alcohol-free Beer be A Gateway for Young People

There are concerns that the release of the new alcohol-free beer that tastes, smells and sounds like the “real” thing may be a gateway for younger people to develop a taste for beer. ‘Carlton Zero’ from Carlton & United Breweries’

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Addressing Mental Health in Hospitality

The Australian charity R U OK? has launched a tool for the hospitality industry – an online course for people that may be struggling with mental health problems. The initiative was funded with the assistance of Comcater and Mal Meiers’

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