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How To Avoid Excessive Drinking


If you’ve noticed your drinking getting a little excessive or if your body’s been taking the strain of too much alcohol, you may find these tips helpful in avoiding excessive drinking,

Drink slowly. One of the biggest problems causing excessive drinking and associated hangovers is drinking too fast. Drinking games, chugging beer, downing your drinks should all be avoided because you don’t realise how much you’re drinking. Drink slowly and mindfully, taking count of how many standard drinks you’re consuming.

“Rule number one is to drink slowly”, says Michaela Goecke from the Federal Centre for Health Education in Cologne, which helped to develop an awareness campaign under the banner “Know Your Limit”.

“Don’t finish off your alcoholic drink, and don’t allow hosts to pressure you into accepting a fresh one,” she says. “If you find yourself in a round with others, try to turn it into a bit of a game and be the slowest drinker in that group. And if you are offered a freshener, delay it, say you’ll have one later, and if you’re lucky, they’ll forget altogether.”


Another mistake people often make is drinking alcohol to quench their thirst for example on a hot day. Rather than an alcoholic beverage, opt for water or fruit juice to quench your thirst. Although you may have some immediate relief to your thirst, alcohol is going to dehydrate you, so you’ll be thirsty immediately and end up drinking more alcohol.

If you have a host or mate who constantly forces you to “have just one more drink”, here is some advice for dealing with them,

She says it’s a good idea to talk about the advantages of not drinking too much when declining the offer of ‘just one more glass’. “Phrases like ‘if I stop now I won’t get a hangover’ and ‘my body will thank me for it tomorrow’ are really useful,” says Goecke, “and emphasise the health benefits – particularly if you’re prone to a health condition like hypertension.”

Of course you don’t to come across as a killjoy – and you want your host to know that you’ve had a good time. So, our expert recommends a conciliatory departure. “Tell them that you’ve had a good time, and that you really enjoyed the alcohol you did drink – praise the quality of the wine or the beer.”


Remember not to drink on an empty stomach. Have a meal before eating or snack while you drink to avoid getting tipsy quickly. Also alternate one alcoholic drink with one non-alcoholic drink.

Always drink moderately to avoid putting your health and safety at risk, especially on a night out and drink responsibly, making sure you have a safe way of getting home at the end of the evening.


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