Date PostedJuly 31, 2017

Does Your Personality Change When You Drink?

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Do you think your personality changes when you drink? No, well you’re probably wrong.

According to a study, the way we see ourselves when drunk is not the same as how others see us.

According to the study, besides being louder, we barely notice the changes in our personality when we drink, but that doesn’t mean those around us don’t.

According to the team of psychologists who conducted the study, observing and analysing the behaviour of 156 participants between the ages of 21 and 20, intoxicated people don’t seem to know when their behaviour is being altered by alcohol.

The team of psychologists quizzed the participants before the session on what they thought their personality traits were when they were drunk as compared to when they were sober.

Then some participants were given alcohol and other no alcohol, with the drinkers being brought to a blood alcohol level of 0.09 per cent.

The participants were then split into groups of 3 or 4 and given games to play and puzzles to complete alongside drinkers or the non-drinkers, because as we know games really show a person’s personality.

Participants then made notes on their own personality as well as rating others. The psychologists also observed them and made their own notes.

The lead researcher, Rachel Winograd from the University of Missouri, said they saw unexpected differences, such as that people didn’t change as much as they thought they did after drinking.

Psychologists found that extraversion or the personality trait known as being “the life of the party” was the only big change recorded by observers of both groups.

“We believe both the participants and raters were both accurate and inaccurate—the raters reliably reported what was visible to them, and the participants experienced internal changes that were real to them but imperceptible to observers,” says Rachel.


The participants were then asked to rate their personality and those who had been drinking saw themselves differently across all traits, while the psychologists saw them as being more extraverted.


“We would love to see these findings replicated outside of the lab—in bars, at parties and in homes where people actually do their drinking,” Rachel says.


This is yet another reason to drink in moderation, you never know how others around us are going to perceive us, when we think we look cool dancing or making jokes, we could be seen as comical or annoying.

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