Date PostedMay 6, 2016

Do you Shout when You’re Drunk? This is Why

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Do you notice people start speaking louder when they’re drunk? You probably do it too, you’re just too intoxicated to notice when you do.

We know alcohol is a social lubricant and can get a party started, but why does this involve the volume also going up on most conversations?

Well scientists aren’t 100 per cent sure but they assume its because alcohol affects our hearing. Because our hearing is dulled, we don’t realise how loud we’re speaking. We shout to compensate for the loss in hearing.


Basically sound information is carried from your eardrum to the central processing centres inside your brain. This hearing loss might be a direct toxic effect, or anaesthetic effect, or osmotic effect. Alcohol could be impacting the ear drum or the brain via the central nervous system, we’re not quite sure.




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